What Is Geographical Indication?

Universal definition of Geographical Indication is; “A sign used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that place of origin.”

The main characteristics, which determine these unique products identified with a particular region, are that they are typical and quality products and have a certain recognition and reputation.

“Geographical Indication” which is an official quality and intellectual property sign, provides marketing force to a particular product. Products such as “Çorum Leblebisi” (Corum Roasted Chickpea), “Isparta Halısı” (Isparta Carpet), “Afyon Kaymağı” (Afyon Cream), which are protected by Geographical Indications registration, exhibits a sense of quality.

Geogpraphical Indications are the exact equilvalent of the question: “What is the famous of your hometown?

Geographical indication is local in terms of showing the source of a particular product, incorporating local attractiveness and making traditional values the center of attention. Products with a Geographical Indication, which are also regarded as cultural heritage, have the potential to transform local products into touristic value. Within the framework of today's search for alternative tourism, local products that can meet the changing tourism demand are offered to tourists and also these products are protected.